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About Us

In 2008, Fred Victor (, with the help of the Toronto Enterprise Fund (, launched Friends Catering Company.  Friends Catering is a social purpose enterprise, which means it exists to serve two purposes:  to become a successful business and to achieve community and social outcomes.

Friends Catering provides on-the-job training for individuals in our community who are experiencing substantial barriers to finding employment.  We work with  individuals who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness, newcomers, individuals re-entering the workforce facing barriers to employment, and individuals living with addiction and mental health issues. We provide training and work experience in the food service industry, while giving our trainees the support needed to move forward with their employment and educational goals. 

When you order from Friends Catering, you’re getting a delicious meal, but you are also supporting the community we live in and that’s why it’s ‘food you’ll feel good about’!

Mission Statement

Friends empowers the lives of individuals who are experiencing poverty and homelessness by providing exceptional catering solutions in a variety of innovative ways.

We increase people’s access to healthy and nutritious food and provide training and meaningful social and economic opportunities to individuals by:

1.      Delivering a high-quality catering service that meets the needs of our diverse customers.

2.      Providing fresh, nutritious bake goods that provide women with work opportunities.

3.      Offering free and low cost wholesome meals to community members through our local restaurant and neighbourhood programs.  

Vision Statement

Friends’ community members are thriving and self-sustaining, with increased confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance.

Value Statements

Respectful – We meet people where they are starting from in a caring, honest, fair and encouraging way.

Inclusive – We value and engage everyone’s contributions and build acknowledgement, belonging and connection between all people. 

Innovative – We adapt creatively to the ever changing needs and shifts in the community by fostering a responsive approach.

Sustainable – We strive to implement sustainable approaches and practices to increase our social, economical, and environmental responsibility and impact.

Excellence – We commit to providing the highest quality experience for all – from our food, to our training and employment opportunities, to our exceptional customer service. 

Donor Recognition:

Friends Catering is grateful for the generosity of the Currie Family who, through their capital donation, is enabling us to expand our facility and empower even more lives of individuals who are experiencing poverty and homelessness. 
Thank you!

Food Programs Training and Development Supervisor

416-364-8228, ext. 3376

Nancy Bolton

Training and Development Manager

416-364-8228, ext. 3306

Maureen Dolan

Assistant Chef

Jamal Nasser

Lead Cook